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My Favorite (Incorrect) Wikipedia Post on the Chinese Typewriter

September 3, 2008

Out of all the inaccurate content about the Chinese typewriter online, I think my favorite pertains to the “Shu Zhengdong’s Chinese Typewriter.”

Shu Zhendong was an early inventor of a Chinese typewriter, and “Shu Zhendong’s Chinese Typewriter” was a short animated film (the first in Chinese history) created to advertise his machine. The wikipedia article, however, proposes the following translations of “Shu Zhendong”:

There are 2 possible translations [for Shu Zhendong]. The first translation is “Comfortably Raised Eastern Chinese Typewriter”, likely a generic marketing name. The second translation maybe “Comfortable Zhendong Chinese Typewriter” as in the town of Zhendong (振东) in the Binhai county located in the Jiangsu province . Which happens to be directly north of Shanghai, where the pioneering Wan brothers were doing animation experiments at the time.