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More photos of my Chinese typewriter

July 21, 2009
Tom & his new (to him) Chinese Typewriter

Thanks Ann Larie!

My New Chinese Typewriter


Mongolian Typewriter

July 17, 2009

My friend and colleague recently sent me photographs of an antique Mongolian typewriter he owns – a beautiful machine. 

Mongolia Typewriter

Mongolian Typewriter

My New Japanese Typewriter

July 15, 2009
Thank you once again to James and Joy, and to Pastor Kuriyama.


New addition to the family: a Japanese typewriter

July 13, 2009

There are so many expressions to convey a string of bad luck (“when it rains, it pours,” “bad news comes in threes,” etc.), but comparatively few to express the opposite. Well, whatever the appropriate expression might be, it certainly applies here. Last week, I posted about the Chinese typewriter I was given by two very gracious and wonderful people, James and Joy. Well, this week, I will receive a Japanese typewriter as well – as it turns out, their friend and colleague knew the whereabouts of an old machine, and was also interested in finding it a good home. I cannot wait to see it! James and Joy, thank you so much! And many thanks to your colleague.

Japanese Typewriter

Protected: Another typewriter sighting

July 8, 2009

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My New Chinese Typewriter

July 7, 2009


I will be the proud owner of a Chinese typewriter… tonight!

July 7, 2009

More soon…

On the trail of two inventors (and Comments now open)

July 6, 2009

The Fourth of July was wonderful (and the Fifth was even better). Now I’m back to work, following two tantalizing leads I first encountered about two months ago.

Also, my friends just alerted me that the Comments option has been closed this whole time. Please forgive me! I changed the option.

Chinese Typewriter (Mullaney)

Photographs from the archive

July 3, 2009

Archival Photos of Chinese typewriter

More from the archive… I can’t wait to include scans in my book.