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Upcoming Talk at Ohio State University on May 27, 2011

May 17, 2011


Pinyin and the Chinese Typewriter

August 26, 2010

While in Paris, I also made contact with the Musée des Arts et Métiers, where I was able to view the various Chinese and Japanese machines in their collection. In my ongoing effort to track Read the rest of this entry »

Getting ready to see the IBM Chinese Typewriter

April 2, 2010

I have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks, including my college reunion at Johns Hopkins. During my visit, I will be making a side trip to see what I have reason to believe is the only IBM Chinese Typewriter left in existence. Designed by Gao Zhongqin in the 1940s, IBM developed a limited number of Read the rest of this entry »

Tracking Down an Antique Chinese Typewriter

March 23, 2010

After extensive sleuthing, I finally located this antique Chinese typewriter (built in the late 1930s, but part of a design series that dates back to the late 1910s).

Interview about the Chinese Typewriter

March 23, 2010

In November 2009, I had the pleasure of being interviewed about my Chinese typewriter project. The interview is below, and the article is here.

A Few Choice Photographs from China (Summer 2009)

March 23, 2010

In Summer 2009, I spent two months conducting preliminary archival work in China. The extent of the archival base truly blew me away. Let me share a few of the highlights.

The photograph below was taken at the Commercial Press in Shanghai, which gives a glimpse of what was, it turns out, a major operation for the press.

Having learned a great deal about the IBM Chinese typewriter prior to my trip, I gathered materials that Read the rest of this entry »

More photos of my Chinese typewriter

July 21, 2009
Tom & his new (to him) Chinese Typewriter

Thanks Ann Larie!

My New Chinese Typewriter

Mongolian Typewriter

July 17, 2009

My friend and colleague recently sent me photographs of an antique Mongolian typewriter he owns – a beautiful machine. 

Mongolia Typewriter

Mongolian Typewriter

My New Japanese Typewriter

July 15, 2009
Thank you once again to James and Joy, and to Pastor Kuriyama.


My New Chinese Typewriter

July 7, 2009