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Working with artifacts

August 26, 2010


It has been rewarding and challenging to imagine the objects of my study biographically – that is, as part of the lifeworlds of their users. Thus far, I’ve had the chance to see machines used by Read the rest of this entry »


New addition to the family: a Japanese typewriter

July 13, 2009

There are so many expressions to convey a string of bad luck (“when it rains, it pours,” “bad news comes in threes,” etc.), but comparatively few to express the opposite. Well, whatever the appropriate expression might be, it certainly applies here. Last week, I posted about the Chinese typewriter I was given by two very gracious and wonderful people, James and Joy. Well, this week, I will receive a Japanese typewriter as well – as it turns out, their friend and colleague knew the whereabouts of an old machine, and was also interested in finding it a good home. I cannot wait to see it! James and Joy, thank you so much! And many thanks to your colleague.

Japanese Typewriter